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We are 'outside the box' kind of people!

FÉNIX FEATURES MEDIA is a media production and communications company. We have everything you need to help you make original TV shows, films, branded content and digital content. Need help with digital communications ? We have you covered there too.  FÉNIX FEATURES MEDIA employs some of the most talented people in the industry from across Western Australia, the EU, Asia and the UK (they are 100% human). 



When we started back in 2016 we had an aim, and that aim remains an anchoring point for what we do and why we do what we do. Our goal is to make your brand stand out by pairing your uniqueness with your universal core. We bring an extensive range of production skills and over 15 years of Film, TV, Advertising and Communications experience.

When our founders; Claire, Ben, Dee and Sam met at university 19 years ago, little did they know that their journeys would linkup again years later. When Fenix Features Media was launched, it was set up as a media content production house, but within a couple of years it was restructured so that the business could utilise its’ talented team members’ full potential. From there on, Fenix Features Media has focused on high‐quality film and television production, advertising and digital communications. The bold move to include a variety of services was made because we thought, ‘we have the expertise, so why not?’ (also because business partners and friends kept offering to pay us money to do these things). 



Fenix Features Media clients
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