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We collaborated with Jugar en Granada with the aim of captivating younger audiences craving that 'little something extra' for their summer break. Our strategy involved capitalising on the rich historical traditions of the city to introduce the 'DUENDE' campaign. The word 'Duende,' representing an intense passion and the pinnacle of inspiration experienced by Flamenco dancers, served as the rallying cry to engage the audience. Our campaign ingeniously combined covert marketing techniques with the power of social media. We hired Flamenco dancers to roam cities, approach pedestrians and inquire about the meaning of 'Duende.' During these interactions, the dancers spontaneously burst into their mesmerising performances, which our team filmed and shared across various social media platforms. The results left a lasting impact on the target audience.

More Than The Score

To introduce Tennis Point magazine to the market, we looked into the unique qualities that set it apart from the competition with our #MoreThanTheScore campaign. Our positioning strategy aimed to highlight the brand's dedication not only to delivering news but also to providing comprehensive analyses of tennis matches and players. We wanted to showcase how Tennis Point magazine went beyond surface-level coverage, offering readers an in-depth understanding of the sport and its key figures.


Our partnership with Morocco Tourism aimed to position Morocco as an enticing alternative for European travellers seeking warm and exciting experiences in Asia. To fuel a strong connection between the audience and the brand, we developed the #ReWriteYourWinter meme creator site, inviting users to participate in a content competition. Soon, social media users from our target audience began to enthusiastically generate their own memes and tag the brand. As a result, the campaign successfully raised brand awareness by an impressive 26%, effectively positioning Morocco as a culturally vibrant and cost-effective choice when compared to other destinations.

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