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Matty, a man in an abusive sam sex relationship with a younger man, battles to retain his sanity while trying to piece together his memory of a tragedy that would alter the course of his life forever.

A young man flees a climate disaster in search of a new homeland, hope  and a chance at redemption from an event in his past that is constantly licking at his heels, threatening to derail his plans.

Mia is the story of a young woman who is desperate to connect and fall in love. But is confronted by one major obstacle, her crippling anxiety for which she does not want to get professional help.

Reencuentro is the story of Mery and Santi, two exes who are brought together after many years apart when Mery suffers a serious head injury in an accident. During a time constrained reunion, Mery and Santi try to reconcile the past. But, this is threatened by feelings of anger, insecurities, jealously, attraction and unresolved love.